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ship in a bottle

Catalan ship in a bottle, scale models 1:300

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Made in China Vehicle type: Civic Engine Type: Sailing and rowing Country of origin: Spain Scale models 1: 300 Greetings to you my dear colleagues, today I want to present to your court a strict model of the Catalan ship in a bottle 1/300 scale from an unknown Chinese manufacturer. This model was purchased for the sake of the experiment, I can or I can not shove it through the…

car plastic model Austin Tilly

Car plastic model Austin Tilly from Tamiya

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Manufacturer: Tamiya Vehicle type: Military Purpose: Freight Year: before 1960 Country of origin: United Kingdom Scale model: 1:35 Cute pickup – car plastic model from Tamiya, on request in the Centre the instrument kmuflyazhnoy Scheme 1940-41. Third Tank Regiment seventh Panzer Division. The result was a nice little “desert rat”. No additional parts are not used, only the junk from the Bronco and etched bridge to overcome the sand dunes. Colouring…