Model car military Willys M38A1C from AFV CLUB

military model car

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Manufacturer: AFV Club

Vehicle type: Military

Purpose: Cars

Year: before 1960

Country of origin: United States

Scale models: 1: 35

Good day to all!

Not for the night it will be said, but still …

I want to share his first car model – an American jeep M38A1C (Willys) with installed 106 mm recoilless rifle M40A1.

History of prototype car models

Designed to destroy gun emplacements and enemy forces, as well as to combat armored vehicles. Held at the US service since the mid 50’s to the early 1970’s, after the termination of service in the United States was in service of some of the Middle East and South American armies.

Countries that have used M38A1C: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Peru, Morocco, Republic of the Congo, Spain and Uganda.
This is my first model assembled virtually “out of the box”. chiseled trunk (do not remember the company) was acquired to model. Acquire skills to work with the airbrush, filter / washes and pigments. For details of the model was quite a bit of flash, but mostly he was on the small details. Main as “inconvenience” delivered offset forms.

model Willys

model car Willys M38A1C

Painting and debugging car model

Painted colors: Mr.Color, Tamiya, artistic oil paints, washes, pigment – Wilder. Because of improvements: the barrel drilled out machine gun, silencer drilled out, added to the headlight wiring, motor wiring.

model Willys

This is like everything. Enjoy watching. I look forward to constructive criticism.

model car Willys

model car Willys M38A1C

model Willys

model car Willys M38A1C

model Willys

model car Willys M38A1C

military model car military model car

military model car

model car Willys M38A1C foto 5

military model car


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  1. Hola quería saber donde puedo conseguir uno de este modelo a escala ??

    • Como posso conseguir um desse modelo?

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