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plastic ship model

Plastic ship model aircraft carrier USS America

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Kit manufacturer: Italeri Vehicle type: Military Engine type: Nuclear Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:700 America is the US aircraft carrier of Kitty-Hawk class. The class was named after the first built aircraft carrier “Kitty-Hawk”, in total during 1960s 4 ships were built. In fact, they are an extension of the previous class, “Forrestal”. The main differences from the “Forrestal” class lie in the greater length of the…

boat models

LCVP model of a landing boat from Italeri

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Manufacturer: Italeri Vehicle type: military Engine type: diesel-electric Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:35 Model landing boat pontoon LCVP type, USA, 1943 Tonnage of the empty boat – 8 tons, with cargo 11 – 11,5 tons. Length 11 m, width 3,2 m, draft forward 0,7 m, draft astern 0,9 m. Diesel or gasoline engine, 225-250 h.p., speed of 9 knots. Armament: 2 machine guns of 12.7 mm. Capacity: 36…

model aircraft carrier

The scale model of aircraft carrier Nimitz CVN-68 from Italeri

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Kit productive: Italeri Engine Type: Nuclear Vehicle type: Military Country of origin: United States Scale models 1: 700 Hello, periodically visit this website. Last time, however, was a few months ago. I saw a model here, aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln” CVN-72. Immediately I remembered as 7 years ago did the same type of aircraft carrier – CVN-68 the Nimitz, the lead ship of the series. USS Nimitz (CVN-68) is a…