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model ships

Model battleship Retvizan (Kombrig Kit)

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Kit manufacturer: Kombrig Ship Type: Military Engine type: Coal-steam Country of origin: Russia Model scale: 1:350 As part of the 1st Pacific squadron of Russian Imperial Navy it took part in July 1904 in the battle in the Yellow Sea. As a result, it returned with the remains of the squadron to Port Arthur. The ship was sunk before Port Arthur’s surrender to the Japanese in December 1904. In Japan…

model ship

Model ship USS Gambier Bay CVE-73 1:350

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Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa Vehicle type: Military Engine Type: Coal-steam Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:350 I present to you a model of escort aircraft carrier of the US Navy “Gambier Bay” in scale of 1:350. This is my second model built within the frames of GB “US Navy” that took place in the past year. I’ll take the historical reference of the prototype, with your permission, from the…

model сruise ship Queen Mary II

Model cruise ship Queen Mary II

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Kit manufacturer: Revell Vehicle type: Civic Engine type: Diesel-electric Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1:350 So, what if I lay out something old, not published yet)). I assembled “Mary” quite long ago, about 4 year ago… That’s a good Revell kit of high quality, only the railing is a bit too thick, but for such a scale there is probably no other way to make them. I practically…

submarine model kits

Model submarine HMS Astute

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Kit manfacturer: Hobby Boss Vehicle type: Submarines Engine type: Nuclear Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1:350 Good day, dear colleagues! I present to your attention my model of the nuclear submarine “Astute” of Royal Navy. Submarines of the type “Astute” are the latest ones in the Royal Navy, the head boat of the project is H.M.S Astute itself. It was founded on January 31, 2001 (shipyard BAE Systems…