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model ship

Model ship USS Gambier Bay CVE-73 1:350

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Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa Vehicle type: Military Engine Type: Coal-steam Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:350 I present to you a model of escort aircraft carrier of the US Navy “Gambier Bay” in scale of 1:350. This is my second model built within the frames of GB “US Navy” that took place in the past year. I’ll take the historical reference of the prototype, with your permission, from the…

boat models

LCVP model of a landing boat from Italeri

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Manufacturer: Italeri Vehicle type: military Engine type: diesel-electric Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:35 Model landing boat pontoon LCVP type, USA, 1943 Tonnage of the empty boat – 8 tons, with cargo 11 – 11,5 tons. Length 11 m, width 3,2 m, draft forward 0,7 m, draft astern 0,9 m. Diesel or gasoline engine, 225-250 h.p., speed of 9 knots. Armament: 2 machine guns of 12.7 mm. Capacity: 36…

model battleships

Plastic battleship model “Massachusetts”

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Manufacturer: Trumpeter Vehicle type: military Engine type: diesel-electric Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:350 Hello everyone. I have several hobbies in my life, one of them is the history of the combat fleet of various countries. Last year I had a small jubilee, and so as not to make friends worry about gifts I dropped an idea, to give me some model to assemble. )))) a rumors flew, and…

battleship models

model battleship USS Missouri BB-63

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Manufacturer: Tamiya Vehicle type: military Engine type: coal-steam Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:350 Good day to all! I decided to put on display Missouri I collected a year and a half ago. In autumn 2010 I was on a business trip in NY, I came across one store, saw there a kit of a battleship model, and an idea to build occupied my mind. The scale of construction…