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model сruise ship Queen Mary II

Model cruise ship Queen Mary II

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Kit manufacturer: Revell Vehicle type: Civic Engine type: Diesel-electric Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1:350 So, what if I lay out something old, not published yet)). I assembled “Mary” quite long ago, about 4 year ago… That’s a good Revell kit of high quality, only the railing is a bit too thick, but for such a scale there is probably no other way to make them. I practically…

cruise ship models

cruise ship Missisippy from OcCre

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Manufacturer: OcCre Venicle type: civic Engine type: coal-steam Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:80 Greetings. For almost a year I’ve been watching the models appearing here, and I decided to present my job to your judgement. I have long wanted to have around a model of a sailboat. And for the New Year 2014 I received a gift from my daughter, “Brigantine”. I was constructing a model for the…