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amt plastic models

AMT plastic model kit by Dragon Half-Track

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Kit manufacturer: Dragon Armored vehicle type: Armoured personnel carriers Model of WWII era: 1939-1945 Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:35 The plastic model car kit of this WWII era personnel carrier is manufactured by Dragon. This model was assembled about a year ago, and painted after the master classes of MIG in Moscow, so it has already participated in a couple of exhibitions, but I haven’t posted it…

battleship models

Model battleship San Diego (CL-53)

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Kit manufacturer of the kit: Dragon Vehicle type: Military Engine Type: Coal-steam Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:700 Good day everyone! US air-defense cruiser San Diego is the third in a series of eight ships of Atlanta type. Displacement – 6590-8100 Dimensions – 165,1-16,2-6,3 Power generation system – 2-Shaft Westinghouse GTS Speed – 32,2 knots. Range – 8500 miles Crew – 820 people Armament – 8×2-127 mm 10x40mm…

model submarine USS OHIO

The model of submarine USS OHIO

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Kit manufacturer: Dragon Engine Type: Nuclear Vehicle type: Military Other: Submarines Country of origin: United States Scale models 1: 350 Good day to all! At the time, luck and this submarine model kit was purchased by me. What joy it was, do not pass … Delight stopped after the start of the assembly model (who collected the “Kursk” will understand me). Nevertheless, it took only two years and got ……

model Missile Cruisers USS Princeton

The Scale Model of Guided Missile Cruisers USS Princeton (CG 59), Ticonderoga class

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Manufacturer: Dragon Engine Type: Diesel-electric Vehicle type: Military Country of origin: United States Scale models 1: 700 The appearance of the model corresponds approximately to the appearance of the cruiser Princeton mid 90s. To use the photo of the cruiser Princeton and the same type of ships with him from the network. Generally, Dragon company model corresponds cruisers earlier versions with CG 47 for CG 51 – without silos vertical…