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May 2016

model tanks

plastic tank model Abrams M1

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Kit manufacturer: Trumpeter armored type: Tanks Country of origin: United States Scale model: 1:35 Hello all! I had a little old model from Trumpeter Abrams, who collected another 4 years ago. That’s decided to remake it and prepare for the diorama. His truck will then take :). On the kit, with the Dragon and Tamiya does not compare, the technical part did not remodel. Added antennas and wiring them, ext….

monogram models

Monogram model kit F-102 Delta Dagger

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Kit manufacturer: Monogram Vehicle type: Military Engine Type: Jet Year: before 1960 Country of origin: United States Scale model: 1:48 Quite old model kit from Monogram, and now is a pretty decent show, compared to some of the younger “masterpieces”. Literate section of the fuselage and its docking with the wing, at first glance, does not cause any difficulties, I have it all started with a banal cutting jointing, began…

wood ship models

corvette Pilgrim wood ship model

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Author’s wooden ship model  Engine type: sailing and rowing Model scale: 1:52 I wanted to put a beautiful ship on my shelf, I bought a model of one brand, completed it up to a half and dropped, because the model was not in scale and I wasn’t satisfied at all. I thought a little, read manuals, forums, and decided to build everything myself, anyway that’s better than from a set….

tall ship models

Black Pearl pirate tall ship model

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Manufacturer: Zvezda Vehicle type: civic Engine type: sailing and rowing Country of origin: Caribian Model scale: 1:72 Good day to everyone! I present to your attention my first serious model – tall ship model of fantastic “Black Pearl”! Prior to that my whole experience in modeling were five unpainted airplanes in childhood, so I worked with paint for the first time, too. Please forgive me in advance! As everyone knows,…

boat models

LCVP model of a landing boat from Italeri

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Manufacturer: Italeri Vehicle type: military Engine type: diesel-electric Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:35 Model landing boat pontoon LCVP type, USA, 1943 Tonnage of the empty boat – 8 tons, with cargo 11 – 11,5 tons. Length 11 m, width 3,2 m, draft forward 0,7 m, draft astern 0,9 m. Diesel or gasoline engine, 225-250 h.p., speed of 9 knots. Armament: 2 machine guns of 12.7 mm. Capacity: 36…

model ship

model aircraft carrier USS Enterprise CVN-65

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Manufacturer: Tamia Vehicle type: military Engine type: nuclear Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:350 Hello dear colleagues! I repeatedly exhibit my model of an aircraft carrier “Enterprise” after reshooting a and the replacement of the description. A bit about the prototype. The history of “Enterprise” aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) — US aircraft carrier. The first aircraft carrier with a nuclear power installation, it was commissioned in 1961. That’s…

cruise ship models

cruise ship Missisippy from OcCre

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Manufacturer: OcCre Venicle type: civic Engine type: coal-steam Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:80 Greetings. For almost a year I’ve been watching the models appearing here, and I decided to present my job to your judgement. I have long wanted to have around a model of a sailboat. And for the New Year 2014 I received a gift from my daughter, “Brigantine”. I was constructing a model for the…

plastic model ship kits

Revell model submarine George Washington

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Manufacturer: Revell Engine type: nuclear Vehicle type: military Other: submarines Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:253 Good day to everyone! I present to you unique logs from the renowned firm Revell, in a scale 1:253 not repeated by anyone. Even in school years American submarine of George Washington type often caught my eyes, in various sources. The largest reproduction of this boat in section was in Physics cabinet on…

wooden ship kits

Amati wooden ship kit Robert E. Lee

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Manufacturer: Amati Vehicle type: civic Engine type: coal-steam Country : USA Model scale: 1:144 Hello everybody, comrades! I want to show you my wooden steam boat from the Italian manufacturer Amati. At the moment it is the only wooden ship at my “pier”. I was building it already quite long ago, about 2-3 years ago, I can’t remember exactly. During the construction I often felt like I was at school…

model battleships

Plastic battleship model “Massachusetts”

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Manufacturer: Trumpeter Vehicle type: military Engine type: diesel-electric Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:350 Hello everyone. I have several hobbies in my life, one of them is the history of the combat fleet of various countries. Last year I had a small jubilee, and so as not to make friends worry about gifts I dropped an idea, to give me some model to assemble. )))) a rumors flew, and…