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submarine model kits

Model submarine HMS Astute

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Kit manfacturer: Hobby Boss Vehicle type: Submarines Engine type: Nuclear Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1:350 Good day, dear colleagues! I present to your attention my model of the nuclear submarine “Astute” of Royal Navy. Submarines of the type “Astute” are the latest ones in the Royal Navy, the head boat of the project is H.M.S Astute itself. It was founded on January 31, 2001 (shipyard BAE Systems…

plastic model ship kits

Revell model submarine George Washington

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Manufacturer: Revell Engine type: nuclear Vehicle type: military Other: submarines Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:253 Good day to everyone! I present to you unique logs from the renowned firm Revell, in a scale 1:253 not repeated by anyone. Even in school years American submarine of George Washington type often caught my eyes, in various sources. The largest reproduction of this boat in section was in Physics cabinet on…

model submarine USS OHIO

The model of submarine USS OHIO

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Kit manufacturer: Dragon Engine Type: Nuclear Vehicle type: Military Other: Submarines Country of origin: United States Scale models 1: 350 Good day to all! At the time, luck and this submarine model kit was purchased by me. What joy it was, do not pass … Delight stopped after the start of the assembly model (who collected the “Kursk” will understand me). Nevertheless, it took only two years and got ……

Submarine model kit USS Nautilus

Submarine model USS Nautilus SSN-571, kit from Blue Ridge Models

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Manufacturer: Blue Ridge Models Forum Gallery: Ships Vehicle type: Military Engine Type: Nuclear Other: Submarines Country of origin: United States Scale models 1: 350 The prototype model of a submarine “Nautilus” – the world’s first submarine with nuclear propulsion. The shape of the outer hull lines this boat did not differ from the diesel-electric submarines of the time. Displacement – 4157 m above water, underwater 4222 m Length – 97…