USS Constitution Model from Revell, 30 foto

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USS Constitution Model from Revell

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Manufacturer: Revell

Type: Ships

Vehicle type: Military

Engine Type: Sailing and rowing

Country of origin: United States

Scale models: 1: 96

And here is another completed the unfinished. The set was purchased back in 2010 on the principle of “Supervisors eyes and grasping hands,” began actively built, but soon the valiant prowess and interest to the set and changed stuhli righteous anger for the reasons described below. In the state of readiness of the standing rigging, boat propylilsya until June 2015. Discard did not dare, and the appearance of a dusty apartment imperfection pretty spoiled, so bite the bullet and decided to finish off the disease …

And so, I present for your consideration an unknown sailboat from Revell, who for some strange coincidence, is called the “USS Constitution”.

Very, very strange kit!


USS Constitution Model

USS Constitution Model from Revell

Remarkably detailed body model, with exterior decks and jointing proposed in accordance with this method of simulating konopatki, introduced me to a screeching halt for a few days that I spent guessing varieties of grass, consumed by the developer. I do not guess, the deck has not turned out, spit, leave as is.

Elegant study of the rigging, but the guys invested in a set will fit except for fishing guppies in a home aquarium. The blocks in the set for some reason, have simulated the binding, and filaments is proposed to bind to a specific ringlet – to paint this mess can not be normal, but too lazy to grind. You can buy the new course was …

USS Constitution Model

USS Constitution Model

There are a lot of such unexplained contradictions.

But the most important of them – this is not the «USS Constitution»! Definitely not the one that is currently in Boston harbor. But even taking into account the fact that during its long history, the ship overhauled several times, the K. Marquards book of the series “The Anatomy of the ship”, dedicated Ironsides old man, puts a completely clear and unambiguous question Revelle – WTF ???

Here are the main differences from original model USS Constitution:

  • Latrine. Lower Regel should go right under the crane beam. Frames should be five rather than three. Hals-bokantsev at this original, not on older versions, they were a different shape. Jewellery between brackets are completely different: on the original thread and a curly coat of America, at Revelle – zverushka, bow and arrow any? The allusion to the Indians or Robin Hood? Now on the original color of latrine completely white, but according to Marquard once there was a gold-plated, then come on, guess.
  • Feed Gallery – do not like that. With the rear view, which is a side view. At Marquard given four options stern design for the entire history of the ship, and none of them looks like a variant of Revelle. Side decoration gallery remotely resemble the version of 1797, but still the window there are completely different.
  • Berthed along the original grid on the waist sewn planks. From the outset, the ship of life.
  • Skylight on the poop deck “creators” of the general Revelle blatantly missed.
  • The gun ports and a deck poop tank – on the original square, rectangular in Revelle.
  • Lids from the original gun ports consist of two halves, at Revelle is a classic “door upstairs.” In Revelle black on white modern original, but Marquard points and the black version, here, too, I forgive.
  • Van’t putensy – Now the original iron plates, but were once a chain, God bless them, guess again.
  • The inner side of the bulwark Revell offered to paint in white. On the original and my model – olive. Although it is possible once she was white, Marquardt did not specify.
  • By rigging too many differences, such as wiring halyards, jib hung differently camber between Martin-geeks on the original is much smaller, Waterski vuling stretched differently studdingsail alcohols are attached not so Kofel-nagelnye strap completely different and dozens such stocks …

But all this pales in comparison to the main bug that already can not be attributed to a possible reconstruction of the original, and it is absolutely impossible to correct the model, unlike the previous ones – hull lines. In the original Constitution of the deck is almost parallel to the waterline and only closer to the nose it is slightly rises. In Revelle same from the very middle of the hull and aft also has a very considerable growth characteristic contours frigates earlier period, 50-100 years earlier. At Marquard have drafts of drawings from 1797 with similar contours, but there bulwarks lined with a completely wrong …

USS Constitution Model

USS Constitution Model

In general, I absolutely incomprehensible, on the basis of what documents Revell released this model. All these inconsistencies reveal when buying was almost impossible, and the greater was my disappointment when I found them. Maybe that’s why his expression in the cap in the mess of the company’s happened is, oppressively-doomed. He seemed asks – “Where am I ??? …”

In short, if you need model “USS Constitution” – in any case do not buy this nonsense from Revelle!

Well, if you just want to make a good detailed, particularly with regard to rigging a sailboat, which for the uninitiated is quite a ride for the model “USS Constitution” – then why not? Abstracting from the original – model looks drop dead live, even without sails.

About the assembly tell almost nothing. Added LED ribbon inside food “crown” hidden in the base. Instead Mosquito Veins of a set, tied a normal guy and woven ratlin. And the rest of the rigging thickness basically tried to select a necessary, but not as provided in the kit. Although he could somewhere and make a mistake, yeah. Turnbuckle left home, plastic – they themselves look completely, except that stout. Crash all acrylic from Tamiya. Somewhere in general does not stain (the inside of the boat, blocks, crane, yards and topsail yards …). I render did not, for it is not a supporter of this procedure for sailboats, unless the matter does not concern the Black Pearl)). The deck, as I said, not soared. One could of course plenty of small things on the deck sketch: drums, cores, cables, tie gun and all.

The most amazing thing is that these same revellovskih “magicians” have a model USS Constitution in the scale of 1: 146 – so that’s where most of the inconsistencies referred to me and there is no model repeats the current museum Boston …


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  1. Leo,
    The best or earliest ‘original’ Constitution model was built by one of the ships carpenters in early 1813 and given to her Captain at his retirement. That model is at the Peabody Essex Museum and shows a stern exactly like the one in the Revell model. Marguard apparently never saw this model and his ‘Constitution’ is essentially his ‘guess’ at what she would look like.

  2. I think you did a magnificent job. I am building a 1:96 USS Constitution and getting towards the end. Its turning out well but pales by comparison to yours

  3. trying to find a PRICE for the kit

  4. Hi Leo,
    As Ron said, the closest to the original version is the Hull model in the Peabody Museum near Boston. The ship went through many changes over the years and the one in Boston Harbor is probably the least accurate version of what she originally looked like. Changes are slowly being made to retain some original features, but scholars disagree on many aspects. For instance, when did the gun port lids change from full to split , and were lids completely remove during battle.
    The Revell model is patterned after the Hull model
    And fairly accurately depicts it.

  5. By the way, your model is superb!

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