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model car kits

Model M3 Scout car from Zvezda kit

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Manufacturer: Zvezda Armored vehicle type: Armoured personnel carriers Model of WWII era: 1939-1945 Country of origin: United States Hello everyone and Happy New Year! ) Here I exhibit my latest model of this year, a model of well-known to everyone Scout. I assembled this model about a year ago and now decided to alter it, namely to finish it a little, do upgrade painting and weathering to a better level….

model tank kits

Model tank Abrams M1A2 (Zvezda kit)

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Kit manufacturer: Zvezda Armored vehicle type: Tanks Year of issue: after 1960 Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:35 Hello everyone, I’m with you again! ) Here at last I have the opportunity to post my next model. I assembled this tank back in May, but then I faced one problem, and empty basket behind the tower that looked not quite naturally, so about a month was spent in…

cutty sark ship

Cutty Sark ship model (Zvezda Kit 9009)

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Kit manufacturer: Zvezda Vehicle type: Civic Engine type: Sailing and rowing Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1: 144 When I was choosing for my birthday a brigantine, my dad persuaded me to take “Cutty Sark” – he likes it. A clipper – it is certainly good, but I would like another ship, though I took the wishes of my father into consideration. As a result, for the new…

tall ship models

Black Pearl pirate tall ship model

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Manufacturer: Zvezda Vehicle type: civic Engine type: sailing and rowing Country of origin: Caribian Model scale: 1:72 Good day to everyone! I present to your attention my first serious model – tall ship model of fantastic “Black Pearl”! Prior to that my whole experience in modeling were five unpainted airplanes in childhood, so I worked with paint for the first time, too. Please forgive me in advance! As everyone knows,…