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armored troop-carrier model

Model armored troop-carrier M3A1 Scout

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Kit manufacturer: Hobbyboss Armored vehicle type: Armoured personnel carriers Model of WWII era: 1939-1945 Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:35 This is one more fruit of a collaborative effort of three modelers studio “Eastern Front”, each of who took on him his share of responsibility: Pavel Cherepanov – assembly, Roman Vorobiev – painting, Vladimir Yashin – toning. Prototype of the model of armored troop-carrier M3A1 Scout Painting and…

submarine model kits

Model submarine HMS Astute

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Kit manfacturer: Hobby Boss Vehicle type: Submarines Engine type: Nuclear Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1:350 Good day, dear colleagues! I present to your attention my model of the nuclear submarine “Astute” of Royal Navy. Submarines of the type “Astute” are the latest ones in the Royal Navy, the head boat of the project is H.M.S Astute itself. It was founded on January 31, 2001 (shipyard BAE Systems…

Plane model Hellcat

Plane model Hellcat F6F-5 from Hobby Boss

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Manufacturer: the HOBBY BOSS technology type: Military Engine Type: Piston Model WWII era: 1939-1945 Year: before 1960 Country of origin: USA Scale model: 1: 48 Hello colleagues! I bring to your attention the next model-term construction (collected nearly three months, with breaks and its restoration after damage). Construction was carried out in parallel with the “Corsair” G. Bordelona. This is model planes F6F-5 Hellcat «MINSI III», Philippines, in November 1944,…