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aircraft models

Plastic aircraft model F-14D from Trumpeter kit

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Kit manufacturer: Trumpeter Vehicle type: Military Engine type: jet Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:35 Greetings! I present for your attention the hugest model in my practice – F-14D in a scale of 1/32. The model is assembled almost “from the kit”. Ability of getting assembled and the quality of plastic were on a very good level. The process of painting and toning was carried out virtually according…

tank models

Plastic model of British Cruiser Tank A34 Comet

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Manufacturer: Bronco Armored vehicles type: tanks Model of WWII era: 1939-1945 Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1:35 Greetings, dear colleagues! Today I post for your judgement “Comet” – according to historians, it’s the best British tank of the Second World War. I wanted to change the subject and relax a bit during “out of kit” assembly. But the process began, and things changed! By itself, the kit is…

scale model Field gun and Gun tractor

scale model car Ford FGT

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Manufacturer: Tamiya Vehicle type: Military Purpose: Freight Year: before 1960 Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1:35 Good day, comrades. I present to your court my next work – a British snake consisting of tow car, a trailer and a gun. This model was assembled “€œfor the soul”€, without being tied to a particular prototype. Long, boring, uninspired, without haste, but in the end I fell in love with this…