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model car kits

Model M3 Scout car from Zvezda kit

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Manufacturer: Zvezda Armored vehicle type: Armoured personnel carriers Model of WWII era: 1939-1945 Country of origin: United States Hello everyone and Happy New Year! ) Here I exhibit my latest model of this year, a model of well-known to everyone Scout. I assembled this model about a year ago and now decided to alter it, namely to finish it a little, do upgrade painting and weathering to a better level….

plastic ship model

Plastic ship model aircraft carrier USS America

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Kit manufacturer: Italeri Vehicle type: Military Engine type: Nuclear Country of origin: United States Model scale: 1:700 America is the US aircraft carrier of Kitty-Hawk class. The class was named after the first built aircraft carrier “Kitty-Hawk”, in total during 1960s 4 ships were built. In fact, they are an extension of the previous class, “Forrestal”. The main differences from the “Forrestal” class lie in the greater length of the…

wooden model kits

Mamoli wooden model kit Endeavour

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Manufacturer of the kit: Mamoli Vehicle type: Civic Engine type: Sailing and rowing Country of origin: United Kingdom Model scale: 1:100 Dear colleagues, here is a knight’s move! Wooden sailboat model of Endeavour assembled from Mamoli wooden model kit! So, about the model. That’s “Endeavour”, James Cook’s ship on which he went on his first trip around the world. Cook hasn’t managed to open Antarctica on it, but thoroughly investigated…