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plastic model car

Model car MGB (Le Mans 1965) from Aoshima

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Manufacturer: Aoshima Models Gallery: Cars Vehicle type: Civic Purpose: Sports Year: since 1960 Country of origin: United Kingdom Scale models: 1: 24 Hello dear friends! I would like to present to you the final photos of my plastic model MGB. Construction this car continued intermittently for 2 years. A lot of improvements, is all about building a report can be found here: Enjoy watching!

cutty sark model

Cutty Sark model from Academy

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Manufacturer: Academy Forum Gallery: Ships Vehicle type: Civic Engine Type: Sailing and rowing Country of origin: United Kingdom Scale models 1: 144   Hello! I present you the model of clipper “Cutty Sark” on the scale of 1: 150. Set firm “Academy” is a company repackage the “Academy”. The quality is very good, at a height of connectivity, fin and offset molds present. The manufacturer offers a complete rig and…

Submarine model kit USS Nautilus

Submarine model USS Nautilus SSN-571, kit from Blue Ridge Models

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Manufacturer: Blue Ridge Models Forum Gallery: Ships Vehicle type: Military Engine Type: Nuclear Other: Submarines Country of origin: United States Scale models 1: 350 The prototype model of a submarine “Nautilus” – the world’s first submarine with nuclear propulsion. The shape of the outer hull lines this boat did not differ from the diesel-electric submarines of the time. Displacement – 4157 m above water, underwater 4222 m Length – 97…