Cutty Sark model from Academy

cutty sark model

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Manufacturer: Academy

Forum Gallery: Ships

Vehicle type: Civic

Engine Type: Sailing and rowing

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Scale models 1: 144


Hello! I present you the model of clipper “Cutty Sark” on the scale of 1: 150. Set firm “Academy” is a company repackage the “Academy”. The quality is very good, at a height of connectivity, fin and offset molds present. The manufacturer offers a complete rig and rigging.

model ship Cutty Sark

model ship Cutty Sark

Make spar model execution has decided for two reasons. Width of the model with extended lissel-spirits of 32 cm (width for a no space), as well as would like to emphasize the standing and running rigging. Cut off and re-stick lissel spirits, produced blocks of the gate (on the model is 147 pcs.) The instructions rigging shown symbolically, I tried to reproduce more detail.

Painted art acrylic, acrylic, “Star”, as well as different colors of spray cans.

Waiting for objective observations, advice and comments. Enjoy watching.


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