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LCVP model of a landing boat from Italeri

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Manufacturer: Italeri Vehicle type: military Engine type: diesel-electric Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:35 Model landing boat pontoon LCVP type, USA, 1943 Tonnage of the empty boat – 8 tons, with cargo 11 – 11,5 tons. Length 11 m, width 3,2 m, draft forward 0,7 m, draft astern 0,9 m. Diesel or gasoline engine, 225-250 h.p., speed of 9 knots. Armament: 2 machine guns of 12.7 mm. Capacity: 36…

model ship

model aircraft carrier USS Enterprise CVN-65

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Manufacturer: Tamia Vehicle type: military Engine type: nuclear Country of origin: USA Model scale: 1:350 Hello dear colleagues! I repeatedly exhibit my model of an aircraft carrier “Enterprise” after reshooting a and the replacement of the description. A bit about the prototype. The history of “Enterprise” aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) — US aircraft carrier. The first aircraft carrier with a nuclear power installation, it was commissioned in 1961. That’s…