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wood ship models

corvette Pilgrim wood ship model

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Author’s wooden ship model  Engine type: sailing and rowing Model scale: 1:52 I wanted to put a beautiful ship on my shelf, I bought a model of one brand, completed it up to a half and dropped, because the model was not in scale and I wasn’t satisfied at all. I thought a little, read manuals, forums, and decided to build everything myself, anyway that’s better than from a set….

tall ship models

Black Pearl pirate tall ship model

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Manufacturer: Zvezda Vehicle type: civic Engine type: sailing and rowing Country of origin: Caribian Model scale: 1:72 Good day to everyone! I present to your attention my first serious model – tall ship model of fantastic “Black Pearl”! Prior to that my whole experience in modeling were five unpainted airplanes in childhood, so I worked with paint for the first time, too. Please forgive me in advance! As everyone knows,…